Give your oak flooring a treat this Christmas ...

The festive season is almost upon us, a special time for visiting and receiving guests and catching up with friends and relatives. Cleaning and protecting your oak flooring against the rigours of extra footfall during the Christmas period has never been easier. Here are a few simple tips to help keep your oak flooring looking lovely throughout this busy time.

Classic Oak Flooring by British Hardwoods Classic Oak Flooring by British Hardwoods

Sweep your oak flooring regularly with a soft brush, small particles of grit and stones, which can be brought in on the soles of visitor's feet, can abrade and scratch the surface of your hardwood floor. An Osmo Opti-Set Mop is a superb product for cleaning, dry mopping and polishing your oak flooring. The green dust mop, used dry, will pick up tiny particles of dust and grit.

Osmo Opti-Set Three-headed Mop

Oiled oak floors can be given a pre-Christmas clean with Osmo Wash and Care. A couple of capfulls of this mild detergent, diluted in warm water, will clean the the floor effectively whilst feeding and replenishing the oiled surface.

Osmo Wash and Care 1L Osmo Wash and Care - the perfect floor cleaning solution

If your oiled oak flooring is looking a little bit tired and could do with more of a lift, Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner can be buffed into the cleaned floor. The thin microfibre polishing cloth supplied with the Opti-Set Mop is perfect for the task.

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner

A great product for cleaning lacquered oak floors is the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. For ease of use this superb mop just can't be beaten - just spray and clean as you go!

Bona Spray Mop Kit Bona Spray Mop - perfect for Lacquered Floors

Now is also a great time to check whether the felt pads underneath your furniture need replacing. Dining chairs can mark hardwood floors if the legs are left unprotected, adhesive felt pads offer a simple and inexpensive solution to this problem. Call us on 01535 637755 for information about any of our products - we are always happy to help.

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