Taylor Flexible Wood Adhesive

We had a recent visit from the Taylor Adhesive rep demonstrating the Taylor Timberline MS Plus Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive and their sealer/primer, the Taylor Nu-Flor 500.

We're very excited to be stocking their range and want to share some of its' outstanding properties:

  • Its workability is great, it spreads much nicer and easier than other wood adhesives, it doesn't come out gloopy;
  • Early quick grab;
  • Completely waterproof and stays flexible after it sets;
  • Suitable to use directly on concrete*, wood, chipboard, tiles and ashphalt;
  • Suitable for underfloor heating;
  • It's perfect for gluing engineered and solid wood flooring, as well as fixing skirting boards!
Taylor Timberline Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive Taylor Timberline Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 10kg tub
Taylor Wood Flooring Adhesive floorboard glued The peaks created in the glue spread from the notched trowel for optimum adhesion

The coverage is approximately 1.2m2 to 1kg of Taylor Timberline Flexible Wood Adhesive. We're currently stocking the 18kg tubs and 600g sausages, along with the glue gun and trowel. We recommend the sausages for smaller areas of flooring or when gluing skirting boards.

Glue on skirting board with Taylor Flexible Wood Adhesive Tony applying the Taylor Flexible Wood Adhesive on the back of a skirting board with the Osmo Glue Gun

The EndCap 500 is a water based expoxy barrier that is used as a primer on concrete sub-floors to improve adhesion and reduce moisture transfer.

Taylor EnCap 500 Adhesive Encapsular Taylor Nu-Flor 500 Concrete Barrier & Adhesive Encapsulator

*When applying the Taylor Timberline Flexible Adhesive directly on contrete, you need to make sure the contrete is free of dust, dirt, wax, paint etc).

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