• Flexy Fix Adhesive - New Product

    We have just started stocking a superb all-purpose adhesive made by Rewmar. Flexy Fix is strong and fast and bonds virtually any material to virtually any surface. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and is supplied in a handy 290ml applicator tube.

    Flexy Fix All-Purpose Adhesive Flexy Fix All-Purpose Adhesive

    Easy to use and extremely effective for fitting wood skirting boards and architrave, this high-grab adhesive has a rapid strength build up, is an excellent sealant and can be overpainted. It is perfect for use on wood, chipboard, glass, marble, granite, sanitary ware, bricks, stone, MDF, metals, fibreglass, polystyrene, plasterboard, glazed surfaces, hard plastics and much more. (Not suitable for use on polypropylene, polyethylene, teflon, bitumen or asphalt).

    At just £5.99 (inc VAT) per tube it offers superb value for money. To view click here >>


  • Solid Oak Door Fittings - A New Range

    Now available from our online shop - a selection of distinctive handcrafted wooden door handles, latches and hooks all made from carefully selected oak.

    solid oak suffolk door latch set Solid Oak Suffolk Latch Set

    Incredibly tactile, this hand crafted oak latch makes a gentle "knock knock" sound when opened.

    solid oak slide bolt Solid Oak Slide Bolt

    Craftsman made, these unique, stylish and durable oak door fittings are equally suited to both traditional and contemporary settings.

    solid oak swivel door hook Solid Oak Swivel Door Hook

    The range also includes a selection of door accessories and hooks - we especially love this great space-saving swivel hook.

    Solid Oak Swivel Hook Solid Oak Swivel Door Hook

    All the door fittings are in stock - some available with FREE delivery.

    To view the full range click here >>


  • Give your exterior wood a summer coat

    The dry, cool weather we are experiencing at the moment provides perfect conditions for catching up with all those exterior wood preserving projects, shelved throughout the winter months.

    Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420

    Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra 420 is a clear, satin-matt finish, ideal for all vertical exterior woods such as doors, windows and window sills, carports, timber cladding, balconies, screens and fences, pergolas, garden houses and furniture. Its unique composition results in a clear finish which provides UV protection without pigmentation (staining). As a stand alone finish, with two coats, it prolongs the greying process on vertical surfaces by UV protection factor 12 in comparison to untreated wood.

    The finish contains active ingredients which protect it from mould, algae and fungal attack. It is easy to renew (no sanding or primer necessary), and easy to apply - it will not dry during application. It can also be used as a final finish after staining, which prolongs the renovation life even further. It is fully compatible with Osmo's range of exterior wood stains, if a tinted colour is preferred.

    Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain (available in oak and walnut)

    All Osmo products are microporous and, therefore, do not peel, flake or blister. To view our full range of Osmo exterior wood finishes click here >>

    For further advice about how to apply Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra, or its suitability for your own DIY project, call us on 01535 637755 or email us at


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