• Oiling your Wood Flooring

    Finishing your wood flooring has never been easier with Osmo's range of superb polyx oils. Known throughout the trade as "hardwax" oil, this mixture of natural oils and waxes soaks into the timber, forming a protective and heardwearing surface.

    Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil

    Hardwax oil is easy to apply, it is microporous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. Following a few simple steps will ensure a beautiful, long-lasting and hardwearing finish.

    Antique Wave Solid Oak Flooring finished with hardwax oil

    Surface preparation Prior to finishing the floor, knots, splits and fixing holes can be filled with a mixture of resin and fine sawdust. We recommend Lecol Voegenkit 7500 or Metolux Black Oak Wood Filler.

    Lecol Filler Resin 7500

    Surplus filler and any marks can then be sanded down with a 120 - 150 grit sand paper. The floor should then be cleaned of all dust and dirt. A final wipe with a cloth, lightly dampened with white spirit, should remove all traces of dust.

    Applying hardwax oil To apply, the hardwax should be mixed thoroughly and then a small puddle poured in the far corner of the room. This should be brushed well into the floor so that no surface residue is left. Ideally this should be done with the proprietary Osmo floor brush. Continue until the whole floor is evenly covered, ensuring that there is no surplus residue. Once fully coated leave the floor for approximately 8-10 hours (or overnight) until fully dry, then re-coat in the same manner.

    After two coats the floor should be fully finished. It will take a further 7-10 days for the hardwax oil to fully harden and cure. During this time treat the floor carefully, remove shoes and, if possible, keep traffic to a minimum. If you wish to replace your furniture, lift and place, rather than dragging across the floor. Always place protective felt pads under furniture legs to protect the surface of the floor.

    To view our full range of solid wood floors, click here >>

    For further advice on fitting and finishing your wood flooring call us on 01535 637755 or follow the link to download our free Hardwood Floor Fitting and Maintenance Guide.


  • Oak Floor Finishes

    We have increased our range of Osmo hardwax oils available for purchase on our online shop. Easy to apply and highly recommended for finishing wood floors, worktops, doors, furniture and joinery, Osmo hardwax oil is also hardwearing, water and dirt repellent and patch repairable.

    Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil 3032 Clear Satin Matt

    Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 - standard hardwax oil (above), with a clear "satin matt" finish is available in a 2.5L and a 0.75L tin.

    Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil 3062 Clear Matt

    Osmo Polyx Oil 3062 - the same hardwax oil but with a clear "matt" finish, perfect for those who prefer less sheen, is available in a 2.5L tin.

    Osmo Polyx Hardwax Oil Rapid 3232 Clear Satin Matt

    Polyx Oil Rapid 3232/3262 has a quick drying time which allows for two coats to be applied in one day. Available in a 2.5L tin in both satin matt and matt finishes.

    Osmo Polyx Oil Raw 3044

    Looking for that untreated look? Polyx Oil Tints Raw 3044 could be the answer. Osmo's newest hardwax oil is perfect for light coloured wood species, it has a light white pigmentation which leaves a clear, raw finish.

    All Osmo products are micro-porous and as such, do not flake, peel or blister. To view our full range of Osmo Hardwax Oils click here >>

    For further advice on fitting and finishing your wood flooring call us on 01535 637755 or follow the link to download our free Hardwood Floor Fitting and Maintenance Guide.




  • New Product - Twin Pack Roller Sleeve

    We are now stocking a superb value twin pack of medium-pile 9" roller sleeves for the application of lacquer and oil finishes to hardwood flooring.

    Twin Pack 9" Roller Sleeve for applying lacquer or oil finishes

    Made by T-Class Definition these woven fabric roller sleeves offer greater coverage with minimal splatter. The pack contains two woven fabric rollers - 229mm x 44mm (1¾") in diameter and are suitable for use with the Bona Roller Handle.

    Bona Roller Applicator Handle

    They can also be used for home decorating tasks including the application of emulsion, eggshell and acrylic based paints.


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