Bespoke Projects

  • External Curved Oak Door - Addingham

    Although bespoke oak doors are not something we regularly offer, we do sometimes make an exception. This curved European Oak door, is a bespoke project we undertook a little while back for a regular customer.


    The curve was achieved by glue laminating 20 pieces of oak together.


    The door featured a lead and coloured glass inlay. Once complete, the door was finished with two coats of Osmo UV Protection Oil, which really brought to life the beautiful figuring in the oak.

  • Hand-crafted Kitchen in Olive Ash

    We recently teamed up with Milestone Design Ltd to create bespoke kitchen cupboards and components. With the detail and attention required for such a project, only one of our best craftsmen could be tasked for the job - 'Franco'!

    craftsman franco sanding worktop Franco is known for his meticulous attention to detail. Franco taking care during the sanding process of a curved worktop

    The aesthetic qualities and sustainable timber requirements were key elements to the project. All kitchen cupboards and components were handmade from native olive ash hardwood, sourced sustainably from accredited suppliers (with FSC/PEFC certification). The design of each piece allowed the grain to follow throughout the stiles, rails, panels, kick-boards and cornices, along with the handles being individually carved and shaped with a spoke shave, and finished with Osmo Polyx (Hardwax) Oil, achieving an outstanding organic look.

    Top view of kitchen cupboards and reclaimed worktop Top view of kitchen cupboards and reclaimed worktop

    To conform with the continuity to the rest of the kitchen project, Milestone Design Ltd used a reclaimed teak bench as the worktop (once used in a school science lab), blending naturally against the olive ash kitchen cupboards.

    We were told that the next door neighbour, of the customer who had the kitchen installed, had a nosey around the new kitchen and was envious of the design and has been in touch with Milestone Design Ltd!

    olive ash kitchen cupboards around oven Kitchen cupboards around oven

    native olive ash hardwood kitchen cupboards Olive ash kitchen cupboards with hob

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