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  • Our green credentials step up a gear

    Sustainability has always been the driving force of British Hardwoods' ethical approach to manufacturing. The raw timber we use is sourced only from accredited suppliers, and all our timber waste is completely recycled. We are totally self-sufficient for heat and power by the utilisation of waste wood shavings in our Talbotts C4 boiler and biodiesel (which we produce on site from waste vegetable oil) in our Scania eco-generator. Taking sustainability one step further, the company is happy to sponsor employees who wish to take part in the government Cycle to Work initiative.

    Dave and his new bike Dave and his new Gtech eBike

    The Cycle to Work scheme was introduced in 1999 by the Government  to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution. The scheme allows employers to loan cycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.  Dave from the office is the first member of the British Hardwoods team to take up the initiative.

    Dave taking a turn around the car park Dave taking a turn around the car park

    Dave has ditched his car and been supplied with a new Gtech eBike, making his journeys to work carbon neutral whilst increasing his fitness levels in the process. The bike can be ridden like a normal bike, but has a powerful lithium ion battery which supplies a boost when needed - extremely useful for our Yorkshire hills and dales. We've all taken a little turn around the business park and have to agree that it is the sustainable vehicle of the future - we may even have to install a cycle shed.

    Follow the link for more information about our environmental policy.

    For information about the Government Cycle to Work scheme click here >>

  • Lovely small solid oak occasional table

    We always appreciate it when customers take the time to send us photos of the lovely things that they have made - and we like to share them, here on our blog. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it seemed like the perfect time to share these images - sent to us by one of our local customers.

    European Oak Small Table European Oak Small Table

    This charming little table was made from European Oak (found in our offcuts bin) and joined using a pocket hole system. The top is 15" x 13", and the sides are A4 size - the perfect size for a small lap top.

    Thank you to our customer for sending these photos to us - we are glad that our offcuts have been put to such good use and produced something so lovely.


  • Handmade Oak Rocking Chair

    One of our customers has very kindly shared a couple of photos of his recent woodworking project. This beautiful solid oak rocking chair is made entirely from British Hardwoods oak. The rockers were made from timber boards purchased from us. Unbelievably, the remainder of the wood used was supplied from our offcuts - what a clever and inspiring use of surplus resources.

    oak rocking chair Hardwood Oak Rocking Chair

    We all think that the chair is a stunning design piece. Thank you to our customer for sending the photos in - we always love to see the unique and interesting things that are made from our wood.

    If you have photos of items you have made using British Hardwoods timber, and you would be happy for us to share them on our blog, please contact us we'd love to see them.


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