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  • Special Offer - Fumed Oak Flooring

    We have up to 45m2 of Prefinished Fumed Provincial Grade Solid Oak Flooring currently on special offer. The floor is machined from sustainably-sourced solid European oak timber which has been fumed, darkening the wood to achieve an authentic aged appearance.

    Fumed Provincial Grade Oak Flooring

    The board width is a generous 185mm with the lengths typically between 1.2m and 2.8m. The knots have been filled and sanded and the boards have been prefinished with Osmo Hardwax Oil producing a rich deep tone with a natural satin lustre. Once the floor is laid there is nothing further to do to enjoy this beautiful hardwood floor.

    Fumed Provincial Oak Floorboard

    This special offer provides a superb opportunity to purchase a fully finished, wide board oak floor at a discounted price. The floor is available on a first come first served basis. Initially we have 45m2 in stock, however the floor can be purchased in quantities smaller than that if required. To view click here >>


  • British Hardwoods Office Renovation

    Visitors to our factory and showrooms here in Yorkshire will have noticed a few changes to our office recently. When we first moved here, more than 12 years ago, we didn't have time to worry too much about the floor that was put down in the office, our priority was to get our systems up and running as soon as possible. We think that now is a good time for an update and to take the opportunity to showcase our beautiful Engineered Wood Flooring.

    The British Hardwoods office is a lovely size (45m2 ) but we perhaps were not making the best use of the area. We decided to split our large rectangular office into two horseshoe shaped sections to provide us with much needed desk space. Our Managing Directory, Tony Fillingham, set the renovations in motion, and the following photos show his step-by-step process to date:

    Blurb A narrow rectangular section is removed from a floorboard in the centre of the room

    blurb Using a Fein multitool to cut across the remaining section of the board . . .

    blurb . . . the whole board is carefully removed from the adjoining floorboards

    blurb This "open" section is now drilled through to locate the position of the joist

    blurb With the joist located a newly machined oak newel post is secured in place

    blurb With the newel post in place the framework for the partition is quickly erected by Tony

    The framework is position With the framework now in position - the change in the layout of the office becomes apparent

    blurb Next, the partition framework is plasterboarded . . .

    blurb . . . and quickly skimmed with plaster

    blurb The plaster receives a coat of emulsion and is topped off with a beautiful oak shelf

    blurb David and Jamie looking pleased with the new layout

    blurb With the wiring and sockets now in place - we are ready to re-arrange the desks into the new layout

    All the work to the office so far has been undertaken solely by Tony - showing his all-round versatility. Despite a busy order book, our flooring department have managed to manufacture our new Engineered Classic Grade Oak Flooring.  We are always so busy that trying to find an appropriate time to lay it so as to cause minimal disruption is quite a challenge. Once the new floor is laid, we also plan to change all our desks to our own handmade oak desks - which should look truly beautiful.

    We are now looking forward to stage 2 and will keep our blog updated with new photos when we have them. Thank you to all our customers who have called in, for bearing with us whilst our renovations are in progress.

  • Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring Stock

    We now have stock of our 20mm and 15mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring available for quick delivery. Engineered Oak retains the natural look and feel of solid oak flooring with the added benefit of strength and stability throughout. Due to its robust structural properties, our Engineered Oak flooring is ideal for installation in conjunction with under-floor heating systems. The floorboards are 185mm wide and average 2.4m in length. The generous real oak top layer is character grade European Oak and displays a pleasing amount of natural figuring and filled knots up to 50mm in diameter.

    Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring - now in stock Unfinished 20mm Engineered Oak Flooring

    The 20mm boards comprise a generous 5mm top layer of French oak bonded, using a high quality D4 adhesive, onto a base of 15mm birch plywood. Follow the link to view our stock of 20mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring.

    Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring 15mm Unfinished 15mm Engineered Oak Flooring

    Our 15mm boards comprise a 3mm top layer of French oak bonded onto a moisture resistant MDF base. Follow the link to view our stock of 15mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring.

    We supply our beautiful made-to-order engineered oak floors in a range of grades, shades and finishes. Follow the link to view our full range of Engineered Oak Flooring.

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