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  • Tradition Oak Flooring at the Busfeild Arms

    When a local 19th century public house required a new wood floor for their public areas, they needed a product which would reflect the character of the traditional old building.

    busfeild arms east morton

    The Busfeild Arms at East Morton in Keighley was built as a school in the 19th Century and converted to a public house in 1880, originally called The Hare & Hounds. Our Tradition Aged Oak Flooring was specified for the bar area to complement the existing dark oak beams and bar. Our Tradition Oak Flooring is one of our most labour-intensive wood floors. Its aged beauty is achieved by several separate processes, each adding an extra dimension to the unique appearance of the floor.

    tradition aged oak flooring

    Firstly, using a rustic grade of European oak timber, newly machined floorboards are passed through our custom-made distressing machine, imparting random indentations to the surface and edges. The boards are then wire brushed which raises the grain of the timber and adds texture to the surface. Lastly, the boards are fumed, a chemical process which darkens the timber, enhancing its aged appearance.

    busfield arms tradition oak flooring

    The floor was pre-finished with Osmo Hardwax Oil which further enhanced the rich tone of the wood. The Busfeild Arms' owners periodically re-apply additional coats of hardwax oil to maintain the finish. As part of the project, we also handcrafted several oak circular table tops, which were fumed and oiled to match the wood floor. The finished bar room looks truly in-keeping with this beautiful period property.

    busfeild arms oak plate

    As a small ongoing project we also supply the Busfeild Arms with sanded European oak serving boards. We seal these with Osmo Wood Protector and Hardwax Oil, producing a completely food-safe finish.

    If you find yourself passing through the village of East Morton, call in for a quick refreshment, we highly recommend their delicious menu, and the floor looks good too.

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  • New - Wood Floor Maintenance Products

    We have just added a couple of great new wood floor maintenance products to our online shop. The Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is a boxed starter kit comprising a Bona four piece mop with handle, a washable microfibre Bona Cleaning Pad and a 1-litre spray bottle of Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. It effectively removes stains, dirt and grime from lacquered wooden floors -  just spray and wipe your floors clean. To view click here >>

    bona wood floor cleaning kit Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit

    Due to customer request, we have also added a Bona Applicator Pad. The Bona Applicator Pad is a soft microfibre pad that attaches with velcro-like strips to the Bona Mop (above) and also the Bona Spray Mop.

    Bona Lambswool Applicator Pad Bona Applicator Pad

    It has a lambswool texture and is recommended by Bona for the application of polish and refresher (Freshen Up). Freshen Up is a ready to use waterborne polyurethane maintenance top coating for most lacquered wooden floors. The applicator pad allows a thin, consistent coat to be applied with a smooth finish. To view click here >>

    Bona Freshen Up topcoat for lacquered floors Bona Freshen Up

    Bona Freshen Up is available in a 5L and 1L bottle, depending on your floor area. For more detailed information on how to apply Freshen Up to your wood floor click here >>


  • How to Measure your Floor Area

    Customers buying wood flooring for their home often ask us how to work how much flooring they will need. Working out the area of a floor can seem like a daunting task, but is very straightforward if you follow a few simple guidelines. You will need only basic equipment: a pencil, paper, calculator and a metric tape measure. Wood floors are typically sold by the square metre, so a metric tape measure is advisable.

    how to measure floors square/rectangular room

    If your room is square or rectangular (as above), calculating the floor area is very simple. Measure the width (A) and the length (B) of the room and multiply the two measurements together. For example the room above is 4.25m x 5.25m = 22.31m2. We suggest an allowance for wastage of approximately 10% on your literal room area, so you would need to order 24.5 square metres of flooring.

    how to measure an l-shaped floor area

    L-shaped rooms (as above) can be a little trickier to work out. Start by roughly sketching out the shape of the floor. Split the sketch into two square/rectangular shapes and measure the width and length of each separate shape - as shown with a dotted line above. Calculate the area of each shape by multiplying the width and length measurements together, then add the two areas together. So, the calculation for the diagram above would be:

    4.25m (A) x 5.25m (B) = 22.31m2 1.75m (C) x 4.25m (D) = 7.44m2 22.31m2 + 7.44m2 = 29.75m2

    Adding approximately 10% for wastage means that you want to order 32.5 square metres of flooring.

    how to measure irregular floor areas

    Using the same basic principle of splitting the floor into separate squares or rectangles will enable you to work out the most irregular room shapes. The calculation for the above room would be:

    1.1m (A) x 1.75m (B) = 1.93m2 1.0m (C) x 5.0m (D) = 5m2 1.1m (E) x 1.75m (F) = 1.93m2 1.93m2 + 5m2 + 1.93m2 = 8.86m2 plus 10% for wastage = 9.75 square metres of flooring.

    When measuring the floor area, remember to make allowances for fireplaces, recesses and alcoves. If you would like more advice about measuring your floor or would like information about our range of wood flooring please contact us >>

    Follow the link to download our free Hardwood Floor Fitting and Maintenance Guide.

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