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  • Racking up some more changes

    The next phase of our expansion continues this week as we have installed some new racking in our extended factory. The project has been undertaken by Pro-Dek of South Yorkshire who have installed a 5m high cantilever racking system, making much better use of the open space.

    British Hardwoods New Racking British Hardwoods New Racking British Hardwoods New Racking

    With the racking expertly installed, our production department lost no time at all in putting it to good use. The racking will allow correct storage of our timber, and will also enable us to locate and access completed orders quickly and efficiently.


  • Our green credentials step up a gear

    Sustainability has always been the driving force of British Hardwoods' ethical approach to manufacturing. The raw timber we use is sourced only from accredited suppliers, and all our timber waste is completely recycled. We are totally self-sufficient for heat and power by the utilisation of waste wood shavings in our Talbotts C4 boiler and biodiesel (which we produce on site from waste vegetable oil) in our Scania eco-generator. Taking sustainability one step further, the company is happy to sponsor employees who wish to take part in the government Cycle to Work initiative.

    Dave and his new bike Dave and his new Gtech eBike

    The Cycle to Work scheme was introduced in 1999 by the Government  to promote healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution. The scheme allows employers to loan cycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit.  Dave from the office is the first member of the British Hardwoods team to take up the initiative.

    Dave taking a turn around the car park Dave taking a turn around the car park

    Dave has ditched his car and been supplied with a new Gtech eBike, making his journeys to work carbon neutral whilst increasing his fitness levels in the process. The bike can be ridden like a normal bike, but has a powerful lithium ion battery which supplies a boost when needed - extremely useful for our Yorkshire hills and dales. We've all taken a little turn around the business park and have to agree that it is the sustainable vehicle of the future - we may even have to install a cycle shed.

    Follow the link for more information about our environmental policy.

    For information about the Government Cycle to Work scheme click here >>

  • Tony and Jason's Wych Elm Challenge

    Tony and Jason had an extremely productive and labour intensive day on Monday. After sourcing a recently felled 200-year-old native Scot's elm tree, the job fell to them to slice the timber, ready for drying in our kiln. With a circumference of more than 4 metres, it required the use of one of the largest available chain saw mills, along with some hard work and determination.

    Slicing the Scot's elm required one of the largest chain saw mills available Our large chain saw mill with a deep bar setting ready to slice through the Scot's elm

    British Hardwoods MD Tony - ready for action! British Hardwoods MD Tony Fillingham - ready for action!

    The first layer removed revealing a stunning grain pattern With the outer layer removed, a simply stunning grain pattern was revealed

    A close-up of the grain reveals a lovely light brown heartwood with an interesting radial fleck A close-up reveals the lovely brown and green heartwood, interesting pip and striking radial flecks

    We were all thrilled to be the first to see inside this beautiful natural creation

    The second layer revealed a different but equally beautiful grain pattern The second layer revealed a different but equally beautiful grain pattern

    The second layer is revealed in all its glory The second layer is revealed in all its glory

    We can't wait to see these boards sanded and oiled We can't wait to see these lovely boards sanded and oiled

    Tony and Jason looking rightly proud of their endeavours Tony and Jason looking rightly proud of their endeavours

    Thank you Tony and Jason for helping this feeble photographer climb on and off the forklift safely for the 'aerial shots' (sorry about the squeaks of terror, and I hope the circulation in Jason's hand has now returned to normal). Once the boards are kiln dried and planed, we'll update our blog with some more pictures for you.

    Our YouTube page has a series of four short videos of the slicing of the elm, for those interested, just follow the link below:

    If you would like more information about any of our timber products, please contact us, we'd be very happy to help out.

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