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  • The Great British Hardwoods Bake Off

    This year two of our staff, J-Lo and Jim-Bob, have decided to go head-to-head in our 'Great British Hardwoods Bake Off' competition, all guided by the BBC Good Food 2012 calendar with delectable monthly recipes. Our aspiring pastry chefs (well, we like to think so) must follow the recipe as outlined in the calendar, however the appearance of the dish is open to individual interpretation/creativity.

    The rules are that each chef will plate up their cakes and the rest of us in the factory and office blind taste each one, voting for their favourite and results are tallied up.

    So the results are were....

    This month we see the 'Frosty Orange Yogurt Cake', very zesty and light (depending on which you ate!). It was a resounding thumbs up for Jo-Lo's cake pictured on the right.

    We're not just specialists in oak!

    The Great British Hardwoods Bake Off - January 2012 The winning 'Frosty Orange Yogurt Cake' was the one on the right

  • Christmas Orders 2011

    To secure your pre-Christmas delivery, all orders (with the exception of pre-finished hardwood and engineered flooring) must be placed via our online shop by the end of Monday, 19th December 2011.

    Last Date for Delivery The last date for delivery of orders will be Friday, 23rd December 2011.

    Christmas Hours Our factory, office and showroom will be closed on Saturday, 24th December 2011. We will re-open on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012. Any orders placed through our online shop during this time will be processed on our return.

  • Annual Timber Sale 2011

    What a cracking day it was for a timber sale, selling over 300 lots of rough sawn and planed hardwood timber in just an hour! We also had members from the Birstall woodworking club hold demonstrations on woodturning techniques, which is always a big hit with our keen hobbyists.

    This year we decided to add a new format to the sale by running a silent auction, with all profits from the auction going to the Sue Ryder foundation. The format was a resounding success raising £350.00 from the auction!

    For all you woodworking enthusiasts, it's an event not to miss as you can grab some serious bargains in various hardwood species from European and American Oak, American Black Walnut, English Walnut and Yew are just to name a few.

    Don't worry if you missed the event, as we'll continue to update our website and blog with updates on our next sale. Although, you don't need to wait a whole year for the sale, just visit our online shop for some great deals.

    Thank you to everyone that came along to the sale and a special thanks to customers who participated in the silent auction.

    British Hardwoods Annual Timber Sale 2011

    Annual Timber Sale at the British Hardwoods factory


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