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The Great British Hardwoods Bake Off

This year two of our staff, J-Lo and Jim-Bob, have decided to go head-to-head in our 'Great British Hardwoods Bake Off' competition, all guided by theĀ BBC Good Food 2012 calendar with delectable monthly recipes. Our aspiring pastry chefs (well, we like to think so) must follow the recipe as outlined in the calendar, however the appearance of the dish is open to individual interpretation/creativity.

The rules are that each chef will plate up their cakes and the rest of us in the factory and office blind taste each one, voting for their favourite and results are tallied up.

So the results are were....

This month we see the 'Frosty Orange Yogurt Cake', very zesty and light (depending on which you ate!). It was a resounding thumbs up for Jo-Lo's cake pictured on the right.

We're not just specialists in oak!

The Great British Hardwoods Bake Off - January 2012 The winning 'Frosty Orange Yogurt Cake' was the one on the right

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