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English Yew Boards (Pack No. 2)

English Yew Boards (Pack 2)

English Yew Boards (Pack No. 2)
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Quick Overview

A selection of three specially selected English Yew Boards. The boards have been carefully kiln dried using our vacuum-press kiln which gives perfect moisture content, colour and flatness. The boards have been pre-planed to show the natural beauty of the wood, however, further sanding will bring out the full features of the timber. The thickness of the boards prior to planing was 28mm with the finished thickness being a minimum of 20mm.




Yew is the famed wood from which English longbows were once made. It is now also used for furniture, decorative turning, interior and exterior joinery, rustic furniture and the bent parts of Windsor chairs. Its attractive qualities, including magnificent burls, make it highly sought after in veneer form for cabinetwork, marquetry and panelling.

The near-white sapwood is distinct from the heartwood, which is usually golden orange-brown and is often streaked with mauve and darker brown, with patches of dark purple. Clusters of ingrown bark and tiny knots are frequent. Though typically straight-grained, yew is very often wavy, curly and irregular, with a medium, even texture. All these features make it a very attractive wood.

Yew is a hard, elastic wood, with medium crushing and bending strengths and low resistance to shock loads. Straight-grained wood planes well, but irregular grain is prone to tear-out, and other machining qualities depend on grain direction. Yew splits easily. Gluing can be tricky due to the oily natural of the wood. Pre-boring is advised for nailing and screwing.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Timber Species English Yew
Thickness Minimum 20mm (Ex. 28mm)
Width As shown
Length As shown
Moisture Content Kiln Dried to 8-10% Moisture

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