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Special Offer Planed Ash Squares 19mm x 19mm (10 metres per pack)

Planed Ash Timber - Special Offer On Sale

Special Offer Planed Ash Squares 19mm x 19mm (10 metres per pack)

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Quick Overview

Special offer packs containing 10 metres of planed all round ash timber finished at 19mm x 19mm. Supplied in random lengths typically between 1m and 2.8m.



The sapwood is light-coloured to nearly white and heartwood varies from greyish to light brown, to pale yellow streaked with brown. The wood is generally straight-grained with a coarse uniform texture. The degree and availability of light-coloured sapwood and other properties will vary according to the growing regions.

The wood is elastic, tough and strong relative to its weight and has good stiffness and hardness. Shock resistance is very good. It works well with machine hand tools but has a moderate blunting effect. The harder species need preboring for nailing and screwing. It polishes, stains and glues well.

Slightly harder than oak although not as durable. 

Typical Uses
Used for quality furniture, interior joinery, boat building and built-in kitchens. Other uses include sports equipment such as oars, paddles, bats and cues, and handles for workshop and garden tools. It is also a good source of decorative veneers.

Interesting Facts
Grows: Canada and USA
Typical height: 80-120 ft. (25-36m)
Trunk diameter: 2-5 ft (0.6-1.5m)
Specific gravity: 0.66
Typical dry weight: 41 lb/ft3 (660kg/m3)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer British Hardwoods
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Timber Species American Ash
Timber Grade Prime
Width 19mm (¾")
Thickness 19mm (¾")
Moisture Content Kiln Dried to 8-10% Moisture

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