Dark Solid Wood Flooring

If you have existing dark wood furniture or more traditional décor you may prefer a dark solid wood floor to match. When contrasted with neutral tones and pastel shades, a dark wood floor makes an instant design statement.

Some of our solid wood floors are dark due to the true colour of the wood species, for example our American black walnut flooring. A clear hardwax oil finish is all that is required to further deepen the natural tone of the dark wood. Other floors that we produce achieve their dark appearance by treatments that are applied to the floorboards during the production process. Our fumed oak floors are chemically reacted with ammonia to achieve a rich dark oak colour that would take several lifetimes to develop naturally.

We can send samples of all our dark solid wood floors to ensure that the floor you choose is perfect for you.

If you would like information about how to lay our real wood floors, or how to care for and maintain your wood floor, please download our Wood Floor Fitting and Maintenance Guide.

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