Special Offer - 14m2 Brushed and Oiled Engineered Brown Oak Flooring 180 x 15mm

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A special offer 14m2 job lot of Brushed and Oiled Engineered Brown Oak Flooring. The floorboards are tongue and grooved on all four edges, and the average board length is about 2.4 metres.

The boards have been wire brushed to produce a tactile, textured surface and factory finished with Clear Satin Hardwax Oil

This specially priced offer provides the chance to purchase our unusual and striking Brown Oak Flooring as an engineered board. Please ensure that you have sufficient quantity to complete your project, as this is a non-standard product and therefore not normally available.

If you're not quite ready and would prefer to receive your floor in the New Year, that's not a problem. We would be happy to keep your floor here for you until you're ready to receive it.

Our highly prized and unusual Engineered Brown Oak Flooring has a very distinctive tiger stripe patterning across the boards. This patterning is a natural phenomenon which occurs during the lifecycle of the tree and is caused by the action of the beefsteak fungus which attaches itself to the base of the tree as it grows. The growth of the fungus is not detrimental to the tree at all, but causes an intruiging, random darkening of the timber. Boards from the base of the tree will be full dark chocolate brown, with patterning becoming more random and stripy midway up. Boards from higher up the tree will be a light tan/biscuit colour with less patterning. We recommend loose laying boards before fixing to achieve an even spread of the variegated tones and patterns.

Our Engineered Flooring comprises a 3mm top layer of European Brown Oak bonded, using a high quality D4 adhesive, onto a base of 12mm moisture resistant medium-density fibreboard. This results in a hardwood floor that is far more tolerant to changes in temperature and relative humidity and is therefore ideal for installation in conjunction with under-floor heating systems and in bathrooms and kitchens.

Additional Information
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Manufacturer British Hardwoods
Timber Species European Brown Oak
Top Layer 3mm Brown Oak
Base Layer 12mm Moisture-Resistant MDF
Thickness 15mm
Width 180mm
Length 2.4m (average)
Timber Grade Character Grade
Edge Detail Micro Bevel (on long edges)
Profile Tongue and Groove (including ends)
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