If you have recently laid an unfinished wood floor, or have a newly sanded wood floor, it is important that the bare timber is finished as quickly as possible, in order to protect and seal the surface.

Knot holes can be filled and sanded smooth if required prior to application of a hardwax oil or lacquer finish. Before applying your choice of finish, the floor should be clean and dry. A final wipe with a cloth, very lightly dampened with white spirit, should remove all traces of dust.

Osmo Hardwax Oils contain a blend of natural oils and waxes which produce a very organic, natural satin sheen. The product is easy to apply, is micro-porous and will seep into the floor, slightly darkening the raw timber, enhancing and enriching the natural grain of the wood. The wax hardens and cures to form a protective, water-repellent surface. A wood floor finished with hardwax oil can be spot repaired and the finish can be re-applied easily over time without the need for sanding.

Bona Lacquer finishes are a little more technical to apply but offer a more hardwearing surface and are more suited, therefore, for heavy domestic or commercial applications. Wood floors finished with waterborne lacquer cannot be spot repaired and the floor will require sanding prior to recoating should you wish to re-finish the floor in the future.

For more detailed information about how to finish our real wood floors please download our Wood Floor Fitting and Maintenance Guide.

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