Our range of waterborne wood floor lacquers provide a hardwearing, durable finish and are suitable for both heavy domestic and commercial applications. Because wood floor lacquers are non-porous (i.e. they do not penetrate the wood) they are very effective at keeping the colour of the timber light, and may therefore be preferable for paler wood floors such as oak, ash and maple.

Bona Prime is a one-component waterborne acrylate primer for use on wooden floors prior to over-coating with Bona Mega or Bona Traffic HD waterborne finishes. It gives the surface a well-bodied look and reduces the risk of side bonding.

Bona Mega is a waterborne lacquer finish for use on heavy-traffic residential and commercial hardwood floors and is available in 3 different sheen levels: Gloss, Silk Matt and Matt.

Bona Traffic HD is a 2-component waterborne lacquer finish for surface-treating wooden floors in public areas with high traffic intensity. The product has a very low odour and has received DIBt and GreenGuard approval for its low indoor emissions.

Bona Mega Natural, available as both 1 and 2 component, is a waterborne lacquer finish specially formulated to retain the natural colour of the timber. The unique composition of Bona Mega Natural creates the look and feel of bare wood. Bona Naturale Base should be used prior to application to prepare the base wood for the top coat.

Tover Uniqua Natur is a polyurethane self-linking water-based lacquer, invisible on light woods to achieve a “nude look”. Easy to apply in two coats without primer, isocyanate free and contains very low VOCs.

A lacquer finish, although very hardwearing, cannot be spot repaired and a lacquered wood floor will require sanding prior to recoating should you wish to re-finish the floor in the future. As with all commercial products, please read the instructions fully prior to use.

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  1. Tover Uniqua Natur Wood Floor Lacquer 5L
    Tover Uniqua Natur 5L
    £109.99 (inc VAT)
  2. Bona Prime Classic 1 Litre
    Bona Classic Primer 1L
    £21.99 (inc VAT)
  3. Bona Prime Classic 5 Litre
    Bona Classic Primer 5L
    £65.99 (inc VAT)
  4. Bona Mega Silk Matt 1L
    Bona Mega Silk Matt 1L
    £22.00 (inc VAT)
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  5. Bona Mega 5L Floor Lacquer
    Bona Mega Silk Matt 5L
    £88.25 (inc VAT)
  6. Bona Traffic HD 5L Silkmatt Lacquer with leaf
    Bona Traffic HD Silk Matt 4.95L
    £122.75 (inc VAT)
  7. Bona Mega Natural
    Bona Mega Natural 5L
    £105.95 (inc VAT)

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