On the 8th of February we started cross cutting our frozen Burr and Brown Oak logs to reveal their inner beauty.

Some burr and pip just sits on the surface like a cow pat, these however went right into the heart of the log.

[caption id="attachment_3132" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]A big lump on the forklift A Big Lump on the Forklift Truck[/caption]

Here are some photos of the Pippy Brown Oak. The brown is caused by the Beefsteak Fungus, one of the many edible fungi that grow on wood. The fungus causes a myriad of distinctive tiger striping throughout the wood.

The Burr Oak was cut at 56mm thick and made into Boules which will be air dried indoors initially for a year before kilning.

The Boules are stored at high level with the benefit of good air flow from our wood fired factory heating.