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  • Slicing Native Rippled Ash with the Mebor Band Saw

    The Mebor Band Saw has been put to excellent use this week, slicing the most beautiful Native Rippled Ash boards from logs sustainably sourced from The Malverns. Once sliced the boards revealed a stunning dark Olive heartwood with distinctive outer ripples.

    Rippled Olive Ash Boards Rippled English Olive Ash Boards

    Rippled Olive Ash Heartwood Distinctive Ripples on English Ash

    With the timber in its raw state, the photos don't really do justice to these stunning boards at the moment. However, once the timber has been dried in our Vacuum kiln and then sanded to a smooth finish, the ripples will produce a stunning three dimensional figure.

    The Mebor Band Saw made short work of slicing through this large Native Ash Log, with the new blade moving like a knife through butter.

    Tony setting up the Mebor Band Saw Tony initialising the set-up of the Mebor Band Saw

    Tony setting up the Mebor Band Saw The Mebor moving in to position to commence the cut as Tony closely observes

    Mebor Slicing Rippled Ash Board The new blade moves cleanly and quietly through the log

    Slicing Native Rippled Ash The Mebor reaches the end of the log, then reverses to push the newly sliced board clear

    Mebor Slicing Rippled English Ash The newly sliced Rippled Ash Board is deposited cleanly onto the conveyor belt

    Once these lovely boards are kiln dried and sanded they will be ready for sale in our native timber shop "Into the Woods". Due to their unique figuring these boards will be extremely popular for cabinet makers and all timber enthusiasts, so be sure to follow our social media channels for updates, so as not to miss out.

  • The Mebor Has Landed

    If you have been visiting our premises over the past month or so, you'll notice how well stocked our yard is with native timber logs of Oak, Sycamore, Elm, Lime and Ash; this is because today has seen the arrival of our beast of a sawmill, the Mebor HTZ 1100 Pro.

    Mebor Band Saw HTZ 1100 PRO One of the components - Mebor Band Saw HTZ 1100 PRO

    Mebor sawmill bed Mebor sawmill bed in our yard

    Mebor sawmill bed Mebor sawmill bed in our yard

    The Mebor is one serious piece of kit that will mill logs up to 1000mm in diameter and 8.5m in length, features hydraulically movable saw blade guide with a fast and precise blade positioning of +/- 0.05 mm, fully automatic pre-cutter, board edger/cross cut saw, angled saw head, automatic board removal, log loading device, saw dust extraction system and then some.

    The sawmill bed almost positioned in its' new home The sawmill bed positioned in its' new home

    Mebor band saw fitted onto the bed and with more components to follow Mebor band saw fitted onto the bed and with more components to follow

    We have been working hard to position this sawmill in place, which will occupy 18 metres  of our factory, with the installation to be completed by engineers of Mebor next week.

    Jason and Tony keen to get this Mebor going Jason and Tony keen to get this Mebor going

    We can't contain our excitement in having this sawmill up and running, so watch this space for some serious action videos to follow.

  • Timber Shop Open Day 2019

    We can happily say our Open Day was a resounding success! The day was well attended, with car parks completely full, spilling into street parking, but it didn't deter people from getting in.

    If you are familiar with our annual timber sale in the past, the format was similar, however, now that we occupy two factories, we were able to set-up all the timber "lot" packs in one factory and hold our exhibition in the other.

    We had a good range of exhibitors, with some selling their beautifully hand-crafted products and others demonstrating woodturning techniques, pyrography, use of classic hand tools and basic woodworking course skills.

    The Blind Woodturner, Chris Fisher, had received quite a reception when he demonstrated turning a bowl blank with such precision and care. We all watched with admiration and fascination on the skills he displayed, and just watching him in action, you wouldn't believe he was blind. Needless to say, we were all so delighted to have him involved in our open day!

    There were over 200 timber lots sold, alongside rough sawn and planed boards and specially selected boards from our Timber Shop.

    The timber lots are ready to go

    The Open Day is now Open!

    The Little Oak Latch Company getting ready for the day

    The Blind Woodturner, Chris Fisher, turning a bowl blank

    The Blind Woodturner, Chris Fisher's stand

    Evan Sent Crafts hand pyrographed art and gifts

    Becky of Evan Sent Crafts demonstrating with finesse her pyrography techniques

    Turners Retreat all set and ready for the day ahead

    West Riding Woodturning Group showcasing and selling their turned products

    Chris Tribe discusses his basic woodworking courses, along with customers taking a break amongst all the wood

    Ben's Woodwork Gifts stand

    More beautifully crafted products brought to you by Evan Sent Crafts

    The Blind Woodturner's completed bowl blank

    We would like to extend a hearty thank you to our exhibitors:

    Finally, thank you to all our customers who attended on the day, we hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did.

    If you missed our open day, you can always call in and visit our Timber Shop where we stock specially selected boards, blanks, discs, planed timber and hobby packs.

    If you're interested to know of future events we hold, sign up to our newsletter or look out for updates on our blogs and social media.

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