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  • Huge Price Reduction on ex-stock Mafell Tools

    Happy New Year to all our customers! To welcome in 2017 we are clearing out some of our ex-stock items. First up we have some quality Mafell power tools at massively reduced prices.

    Mafell P1CC Jigsaw Mafell P1CC Jigsaw

    This 230v Mafell P1cc Jigsaw has been reduced from £519.60 to just £370 (inc VAT). It comes in its Max+ hard carry case, complete with: 3 x Jig saw blades (CUnex W1; W2; W+P2), 1 x Parallel fence P1-PA; 1 x Sole plate P1-GP; 1 x Hose connector P1-AS; 1 x Chip deflector P1-SA; 1 x Splinter guard P1-SS; 1 x Mains cable 4m (13.1ft). Click here to view >>

    Mafell Orbital Sander UVA 115E Mafell Orbital Sander UVA 115E

    The Mafell UVA 115E 230v is a superb orbital sander for sanding plastic or painted surfaces. It was priced at £624 and is now only £450 (inc VAT). It is suitable for both coarse and fine sanding and for sanding between coats. It can be used on curved and flat surfaces, compatible materials include solid wood and paint. With vibration absorber and high built-in extraction efficiency. This orbital sander is very effectively sealed against dust, which contributes to its long service life. Click here to view >>

    Mafell KSS 300 Cross-Cutting System Mafell KSS 300 Cross-Cutting System

    The Mafell KSS 300 110v cross-cutting system's versatility means that it can be used as a cross-cut saw, plunge-cut saw, shadow gap saw or portable circular saw. It has been reduced from £703.20 to just £500 (inc VAT). Click here to view>>

    Mafell MT55cc Plunge Cut Saw Mafell MT55cc Plunge Cut Saw

    This Mafell MT55cc 230v Plunge-Cut Saw is a truly versatile power tool. It can execute plunge, parting, bevel and angled cuts with supreme precision without any tearing. It comes with a 1.6m guide rail and has been reduced in price from £684 to £480 (inc VAT) - a saving of more than £200! Click here to view >>

    As these products are ex-stock items they are available on a first come - first served basis. We hope to update our special offers page with more items over the next few days - follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be the first to hear about our latest discounts.

  • Christmas Opening 2016


    We will be open until lunchtime on Friday 23rd December. Our offices and factory will then be closed until the New Year. We will re-open at 8.00am on Tuesday 3rd January.

    Orders can still be placed on our online shop over the Christmas period, and will be processed on our return. Please feel free to send any enquiries by email, which we will attend to on our return.

    We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2017.

  • Visit our new timber shop

    If you enjoyed selecting timber at our stand at the Woodworking Show in Harrogate last month and miss our Annual Timber Sale, we have some great news for you. Now that we have more space, we are creating a permanent "timber shop" at our premises here in Yorkshire.

    Selected hardwood boards at our new timber shop Just some of our selected hardwood boards at our new timber shop

    We will be stocking plenty of beautiful hardwoods including our own kiln-dried English Pippy Oak, Pippy Burr Yew, Sycamore and Lime. As you can see from the photo above, we have made a great start, and already have lots of unique and interesting boards to browse through. We also plan to run regular offers on bundles of planed hardwood squares for turning, in addition to our very popular thin wood packs.

    For woodworkers, woodturners and all hardwood enthusiasts, we hope that the British Hardwoods shop will become the first choice for all your timber requirements. If you're close enough to call in - we would be very happy to see you.

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