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  • New In - Tover Wood Flooring Adhesive and Lacquer

    We are now starting to stock a range of wood flooring ancillary products by reputed Italian company Tover. Their TOVCOL MS polymer flooring adhesive is highly recommended for use with both solid and engineered wood floors.

    TOVCOL MS Polymer Adhesive for Solid and Engineered Wood Floors TOVCOL MS Polymer Adhesive for Solid and Engineered Wood Floors

    This high yield adhesive is easy to apply, has a high initial grab time, but stays flexible - allowing the wood floor to expand and contract naturally without lifting. It is particularly recommended for use with engineered wood floors fitted onto underfloor heating systems and is easy to clean from prefinished wood.

    Tover Uniqua Natur - Self-Linking Water-Based Lacquer Tover Uniqua Natur - Self-Linking Water-Based Lacquer

    Tover Uniqua Natur is a polyurethane self-linking water-based lacquer, producing a natural "unfinished wood" effect on light timbers such as oak, ash and maple. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and is therefore perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas. It is easy to apply in two coats without primer, is isocyanate free and has very low VOC contents.

    Our sales team can offer expert advice about the fitting and finishing of all our wood floors - to discuss your own particular project contact us - we'd be happy to help.

  • Timber Shop Open Day - Saturday 28th September

    Following on from the huge success of our inaugural open day in February we have decided to hold another one on Saturday 28th September from 10am to 4pm.

    As before, the open day will feature a sale our Native, European, American and Canadian hardwood timber stocks. There will be plenty of sawn, planed and calibrated timber on offer, including woodturning blanks, slices, thin wood, and our beautiful specially selected boards.

    In addition to our very popular timber sale, there will be a variety of craft makers showcasing and selling their wares, along with demonstrations from local woodworkers and woodturners.

    British Hardwoods Timber Shop Open Day this September - Don't Miss It! British Hardwoods Timber Shop Open Day this September - Don't Miss It!

    Our open day in February gave many happy customers the opportunity to pick up quality hardwoods at a great price, and the chance to meet up and chat with fellow timber enthusiasts. We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming event!

  • Cumbrian Oak Tree Lands in Yorkshire

    Tony and Jason crossed the border into Lancashire last week to attend to a large fallen oak tree on the lovely Barbon Estate. The estate is situated on the three-county boundary on the side of the Lune Valley near Kirkby Lonsdale. The 1.2m diameter tree was over 250 years old and had recently blown down in strong winds. The sheer size of the trunk required it to be cut into baulks on site, prior to transporting to our factory for re-sawing. With the Lucas Mill and Chainsaw Mill we had the best tools for the job, combined with the expertise and manpower of Tony and Jason - resulting in an excellent, hard days work.

    The stump of the fallen 250-year-old oak tree

    Once removed the tree has left a real open space in the woodland

    Tony sets to work cutting the tree to length with the chainsaw

    Tony pictured with the Lucas Mobile Saw Mill, the top slice of the boule has now been removed

    With the top slice removed Tony can now assess the width of the sap band to calculate the most efficient cuts

    The Lucas Mill in action, cutting the tree into baulks

    When newly cut, the moisture present in the tree trunk highlights the lovely grain pattern in the timber

    With the tree now well on its way to being processed, Tony takes stock and plans his next cut

    What a beautiful environment to work in - how lucky we are!

    Just a few days later, the timber arrives at our factory

    The timber is soon lifted off the trailer

    These lovely wide boards will now need re-sawing on our Mebor saw mill

    Sustainable use of our natural resources in this way is the ethos of what we do at British Hardwoods. This lovely old tree will be carefully re-sawn to produce beautiful English oak boards for our Timber Shop, ready to be lovingly hand-crafted into something new by our skilled customers.

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