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  1. English Oak Board Flattening Day

    English Oak Board Flattening Day
    The Lucas Mill is a fine circular saw mill and will cut up to 10" wide boards at a fair rate, however, it also doubles up as a superb board planer with the addition of a 280mm diameter carbide tipped cutter block. Using it as a sawmill we first cut this large spalted beech to give us a datum plinth...
  2. Boules Out!

    Boules Out!
    This load of 54mm thick English Oak was first air dried indoors for six months. The boules were placed eight metres high on our racks, where they had good air flow and low relative humidity, thanks to our wood-fired biomass heating. After seven weeks in our kiln at a low 35°C, the moisture content reached 10% - perfect for indoor...
  3. Burr & Brrrr!

    Burr & Brrrr!
    On the 8th of February we started cross cutting our frozen Burr and Brown Oak logs to reveal their inner beauty. Some burr and pip just sits on the surface like a cow pat, these however went right into the heart of the log. Here are some photos of the Pippy Brown Oak. The brown is caused by the Beefsteak...
  4. A Good Day for Loading and Unloading

    A Good Day for Loading and Unloading
    The 1st of February was a lovely crisp day up here in Yorkshire, perfect for unloading/reloading our 40ft kiln. This load was 300 cubic feet of really gorgeous Pippy Oak cut at 30mm thick, which had been in for eight weeks, after first air drying. Most of the boards came out straight and flat with almost zero degrade. We always...
  5. Cumbrian Oak Tree Lands in Yorkshire

    Cumbrian Oak Tree Lands in Yorkshire
    Tony and Jason crossed the border into Lancashire last week to attend to a large fallen oak tree on the lovely Barbon Estate. The estate is situated on the three-county boundary on the side of the Lune Valley near Kirkby Lonsdale. The 1.2m diameter tree was over 250 years old and had recently blown down in strong winds. The sheer...
  6. Slicing Native Rippled Ash with the Mebor Band Saw

    Slicing Native Rippled Ash with the Mebor Band Saw
    The Mebor Band Saw has been put to excellent use this week, slicing the most beautiful Native Rippled Ash boards from logs sustainably sourced from The Malverns. Once sliced the boards revealed a stunning dark Olive heartwood with distinctive outer ripples. With the timber in its raw state, the photos don't really do justice to these stunning boards at the...
  7. One Big Oak Log from Kendal

    One Big Oak Log from Kendal
    You could not choose a better day for a trip out to Kendal, situated within the beautiful area of the Lake District. Yesterday, Tony and Jason paid a visit to a local man who had a huge oak log that needed to be moved. They turned up in the morning, armed with an axe, chainsaw and the British Hardwoods truck...
  8. New Batch of Timber Ready from the Kiln

    New Batch of Timber Ready from the Kiln
    We are all so very excited with the recent opening of our 44ft kiln that has carefully dried out our locally sourced hardwood timbers since 3rd March. The load consists of Oak, Lime, Yew, Elm and one that we're all keen to see, Burr Horse Chestnut (also known as the 'Conker'). There are boards, round slices, beams and planks to...
  9. Burr Horse Chestnut Log - Ready for Drying

    Burr Horse Chestnut Log - Ready for Drying
    We have recently acquired this stunning Burr Horse Chestnut (Conker) log, which we have been working hard to prepare for kiln drying. As we cut deeper into the log, you're presented with spalting, ripples and wonderful clusters of burr against areas that are creamy white and streaks of light and dark brown heartwood. You will also see from the photos, that...
  10. Huntingdon Elm

    Huntingdon Elm
    We have just taken delivery of some lovely Huntingdon Elm which has a good amount of pip and burr. Really looking forward to milling this. Huntingdon Elm It is very similar to Wych Elm but with a very distinctive creamy white sap wood. First cut Huntingdon Elm There are only a few surviving pockets of this rare species left in...

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