The 1st of February was a lovely crisp day up here in Yorkshire, perfect for unloading/reloading our 40ft kiln. This load was 300 cubic feet of really gorgeous Pippy Oak cut at 30mm thick, which had been in for eight weeks, after first air drying. Most of the boards came out straight and flat with almost zero degrade.

We always have to put a few pieces through the planer to reveal their inner beauty.

The next load went in the same day and consisted of Elm, Sycamore and Beech, cut to 56mm thick. The Elm tends to move a lot so we made a Beech and Elm sandwich to keep it flat.

The Beech logs were enormous, displaying some striking spalting and had to be reduced in size with the chain mill before going to the main saw.

The drying of these starts low and slow at 35°C, gradually building up to 47°C at the end of the cycle. I'm really looking forward to planing up some of these Bobby Dazzlers when they come out!