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  • Our timber shop renovations continue . . .

    You may remember that towards the end of last summer we took the decision to expand into the premises adjoining us. The last few months have been a busy period as we have worked towards utilising the extra space. The larger area has enabled us to increase our stock of sawn timber and has also allowed us to install a new prefinishing and wrapping line.

    Air Dried Oak Cladding Air Dried Oak Ceiling Cladding

    We are now working on improving and increasing the area for our new timber shop. In our selected boards area, we have just installed some lovely air dried oak ceiling cladding, complete with air dried oak beam supports.

    Waney Edged Walnut Wall Cladding Waney Edged Walnut Feature Wall Cladding

    We have also installed some stunning, wide-board waney edged walnut wall cladding as a designer feature wall. Even close up, the photographs don't really do justice to the beautiful, natural grain of the timber and the gorgeous, caramel tones. If you are local enough to call, pop in and have a look - we'd be happy to see you. We hope to introduce timber wall cladding to our range of hardwood products in the very near future - so watch this space!

    Waney Edged Walnut Wall Cladding Wide Board, Waney Edged Walnut Wall Cladding

    Our timber shop currently has plenty of beautiful English yew and English oak boards to select through, in addition to some lovely English lime for wood turning and carving. We have lots more native hardwoods, including pippy oak and beech, presently drying in our kiln. We will post on our blog just as soon as the boards are ready for our timber shop - so keep an eye on our social channels for updates!


  • Engineered Oak Flooring - 20m2 Special Offer

    We have just uploaded a one-off batch of unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring to our online shop. The timber is a lovely character grade and contains plenty of filled knots up to 50mm in diameter. The boards are 180mm wide and 20mm thick and comprise a 5mm oak layer, bonded onto a 15mm birch ply base.

    Engineered Oak Flooring finished with hardwax oil Engineered Oak Flooring (when finished with Osmo Hardwax Oil)

    The boards are unoiled, ready to take a finish of your own choice. We recommend Osmo Hardwax Oil which produces a hardwearing finish with a light biscuit tone and a natural satin lustre (see photo above).

    Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring Special Offer - Unfinished Engineered Oak Floorboards

    Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring Special Offer - Unfinished Engineered Oak Floorboard at 180mm wide and 20mm thick

    This special offer 20m2 batch of Engineered Oak Flooring is a discontinued line, therefore we would be unable to produce additional flooring to the same specification.

    This offer provides the opportunity to purchase a high quality engineered hardwood floor for just £900 (inc VAT). It is available on a first come-first served basis. To view more click here >>

    We hope to upload some more offers onto our website over the next few days - so keep eye on our Special Offers page for those.


  • Special Offer on our Thin Wood Packs

    We are now running a special offer on our Thin Wood Lamella Packs. Buy two (or more) of the packs online for only £10 each (priced singly at £15). Each pack contains 12 character grade thin wood boards at an average width of 195mm, lengths of 1.2m and thicknesses between 2mm and 4mm.

    New Thin Wood Lamella Packs in Oak Thin Wood Lamella Packs in Oak

    These packs contain trial pieces, created when we set up our band saw and contain a good spread of usable timber, however, some boards (and parts of boards) will contain defects such as machining marks, rough bark edges and large open knot holes. If you are local to us and would like to call in and see some typical sample boards - you would be more than welcome to do so.

    To view our special offer thin wood packs click here >>


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