Wood Flooring Advice

Our blog pages regularly feature advice and information about most aspects of wood flooring. We thought it might be helpful to compile a compendium of wood flooring related blogs and frequently asked questions - and here it is . . .


How to measure your floor area
How to correctly store your new wood floor


How to fit wood flooring onto a solid sub floor
How to fit wood flooring onto a timber sub floor
How to float solid and engineered wood floors
How to fit wood flooring round a radiator pipe


A guide to oil finishes
How to oil your wood floor
How to lacquer your wood floor
Wood flooring renovation tips

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning tips

General Information

Solid, engineered and laminate flooring - differences explained
A guide to solid wood flooring
Oak flooring grades explained
American and European oak flooring - key differences
Dark oak floors - a guide to fuming and staining
A guide to surface treatments
The importance of sustainable wood flooring

We hope you find this advice page useful - if you would like us to add a particular topic, please let us know. For further information - our Youtube page has some great floor fitting videos, or download our Hardwood Floor Fitting & Maintenance Guide.

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