We have increased our range of Osmo Hardwax Oils available for purchase on our online shop. Easy to apply and highly recommended for finishing wood floors, worktops, doors, furniture and joinery, Osmo Hardwax Oil is also hardwearing, water and dirt repellent and patch repairable.

Osmo Polyx Oil 3032 - standard Hardwax Oil with a clear "satin" finish
Osmo Polyx Oil 3062 - the same Hardwax Oil but in a clear "matt" finish with slightly less sheen
Osmo Polyx Oil 3232 in a clear satin finish - allows a two-coat application in one day

Looking for that untreated look? Polyx Oil Effect Raw 3044 could be the answer. Osmo's newest Hardwax Oil is perfect for light coloured wood species, it has a light white pigmentation which leaves a clear, raw finish to your oak flooring.

All Osmo products are micro-porous and as such, do not flake, peel or blister. To view our full range of Osmo Hardwax Oils click here >>

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