Following a recent blog on finishing wood flooring with hardwax oil, here is a short piece on how to apply a lacquer finish to your wood floor. Lacquer is generally a two-part waterborne polyurethane system which requires a little more skill in application than oil, but produces an extremely long lasting and hard-wearing finish.

Lacquer is not microporous and does not penetrate the timber like an oil finish, instead it forms a protective layer on the surface of the wood. Because it maintains the natural colour of the timber without significant darkening, it is very popular where floors need to be kept as light as possible such as maple or ash. Unlike hardwax oil it is not spot repairable and additional coats will require full sanding and re-application of the lacquer to the whole floor area.

Applying lacquer
Firstly, apply a coat of the acrylic primer with the approved roller. This will raise the grain of the wood so the floor will need light sanding (or de-nibbing) once the primer has dried. Use a fine sandpaper (120 grit) and remove all dust prior to application of the top coat.

Two coats of your choice of polyurethane topcoat should then be applied with the correct roller allowing a few hours to dry between coats. The topcoat is available in two strengths: Bona Mega for domestic/commercial settings and the more heavy-duty Bona Traffic for commercial applications. The lacquer is available in a silk-matt or glossy finish, please note, however, that a glossy finish will show more scratches than a matt finish. Ensure that you apply the amount recommended by the manufacturer on the product packaging.

Bona have also produced Bona Naturale, a unique floor treatment that preserves the natural look and feel of the wood even further. Bona Naturale is suitable for use in homes, offices or wherever a truly natural look is required.

Whichever finish you use, leave the floor for about 1 week prior to subjecting it to heavy use and always use the recommended maintenance products when cleaning.

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