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One Big Oak Log from Kendal

You could not choose a better day for a trip out to Kendal, situated within the beautiful area of the Lake District. Yesterday, Tony and Jason paid a visit to a local who had an oak log that needed to be shifted. They turned up in the morning, armed with the an axe, chainsaw and the British Hardwoods truck ready for job.

The log measures at 4 metres long by 1.2 metres wide (at its' widest part). It took a bit of work to try and plank the log meticulously to 4" thick, with the chainsaw having its' own mind during the task at one point sawing from 4" to about 6" thick - but we will be re-milling one of the planks to ensure it's down to 4" thick.

They finished with 5 solid planks, that will be air dried for at least a year within the British Hardwoods factory and then finished off in the kiln. The planks look impressive, very stately-like, solid and clean.

Tony ready to axe an oak log Tony armed and ready with his axe, hat and sunglasses

Jason ready to chainsaw the oak log Jason with no axe, hat or sunglasses

Tractor assisting with the lift of the oak planks into the truck Tractor assisting with the lift of the oak planks into the truck

Jason re-fueling the chainsaw Jason re-fueling the chainsaw

Oak log planks at 4" thick Oak log planks now at British Hardwoods

If you are interested in the planks, contact our friendly and helpful Sales Team who will be happy to help with your query.

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