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Slicing Native Rippled Ash with the Mebor Band Saw

The Mebor Band Saw has been put to excellent use this week, slicing the most beautiful Native Rippled Ash boards from logs sustainably sourced from The Malverns. Once sliced the boards revealed a stunning dark Olive heartwood with distinctive outer ripples.

Rippled Olive Ash Boards Rippled English Olive Ash Boards

Rippled Olive Ash Heartwood Distinctive Ripples on English Ash

With the timber in its raw state, the photos don't really do justice to these stunning boards at the moment. However, once the timber has been dried in our Vacuum kiln and then sanded to a smooth finish, the ripples will produce a stunning three dimensional figure.

The Mebor Band Saw made short work of slicing through this large Native Ash Log, with the new blade moving like a knife through butter.

Tony setting up the Mebor Band Saw Tony initialising the set-up of the Mebor Band Saw

Tony setting up the Mebor Band Saw The Mebor moving in to position to commence the cut as Tony closely observes

Mebor Slicing Rippled Ash Board The new blade moves cleanly and quietly through the log

Slicing Native Rippled Ash The Mebor reaches the end of the log, then reverses to push the newly sliced board clear

Mebor Slicing Rippled English Ash The newly sliced Rippled Ash Board is deposited cleanly onto the conveyor belt

Once these lovely boards are kiln dried and sanded they will be ready for sale in our native timber shop "Into the Woods". Due to their unique figuring these boards will be extremely popular for cabinet makers and all timber enthusiasts, so be sure to follow our social media channels for updates, so as not to miss out.