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What is Brown Oak Flooring?

When customers visit our showroom and factory here in Yorkshire they often comment on the beautiful European Brown Oak Flooring that is laid in our reception area, and often enquire about the unusual patterning on the boards and ask how we have achieved it.


Brown Oak Flooring in British Hardwoods' reception

The patterning on European Brown Oak, however, is an entirely natural phenomenon which occurs during the lifecycle of the tree. It is caused by the action of the beefsteak fungus (fistulina hepatica) which attaches itself to the base of the tree as it grows. The fungus is not detrimental to the tree at all, but as it grows it reacts with the tannins in the tree,  causing an intruiging, random darkening of the timber.

The distinctive markings of European Brown Oak

Boards from the base of the tree will be full dark chocolate brown, with patterning becoming more random and stripy midway up. Boards from higher up the tree will be a light tan/biscuit colour with less patterning. Customers choosing our Brown Oak Flooring are always advised to loose lay boards prior to fixing to achieve an even spread of tones and shades - it is by far our most striking hardwood floor.

Customers enjoying a cup of tea in our reception

We're glad that our customers enjoy the brown oak flooring in our reception area as much as we do, in fact some customers become so comfortable they are reluctant to leave!


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