• Special Offer - MS250 Wood Floor Glue

    We have a limited stock of Lecol MS250 Plus hardwood flooring glue on special offer at only £67.20 including VAT. It has been marked down from £97.31 - a saving of more than £30! This flexible adhesive is designed specifically for glueing solid and engineered wood floors to a concrete or timber subfloor. It has a high initial grab time and a high tensile strength formula that reduces the risk of excessive movement.


    Special Offer - Lecol MS250 Plus Hardwood Flooring Adhesive



  • Spring Screw Special!

    Throughout March and April we are offering our Screw-Tite Midi Selection Case FREE with every power tool purchased from our range. This very handy selection case usually retails at £20.76 including VAT and contains 1,340 pieces of high quality screws in 11 popular sizes. The hardened plastic case has moveable compartments, a strong handle and twin clasp for secure hold.

    Screw-Tite Midi Selection Case FREE with every power tool

    Screw-Tite®, the ultimate multi-purpose screw, works in almost anything: hardwood, softwood, masonry (pilot hole needed), sheet steel, plastic and more. The Tri-Lock™ shank means 25% less torque and no timber damage - once driven in stays in. It is the prize winner at Stuttgart Fastener Fair and the screw of choice for the British Woodworking Magazine.

    We are offering this superb midi-selection case FREE across our full range of power tools including: Fein Multimaster, Festool and Mafell.


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