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air dried oak beams

  • The Diggers Are In!

    It has been a changing landscape at British Hardwoods over the last couple of weeks. As part of our current factory expansion and our ongoing project to make the best use of our working environment, we have now focussed our attention on our exterior workspace.

    The digger sets to work clearing the rough ground

    Visitors to our factory here in Yorkshire will know that we have a large car park, surrounded by trees and, up until now, a patch of rather unused rough ground. With the help of a local groundworks company, the transformation began.

    Before ...

    Riddale Groundworks set to work digging out the rough ground and weeds and laying chippings in preparation for the concrete base.

    ... after

    With the concrete base laid, this has given us some really useful storage space for our stock of air dried oak beams. Now that we have this extra area, we hope to increase our range, and to have the beams stored in batches of specific sizes to make selection easier.


    The front view of our factory now looks very different - and much improved.


  • Air Dried Oak Beams

    We are now supplying air dried oak beams ex stock. The beams have been air dried for five years and are available in a range of sizes from 6" x 6" up to 10" x 10" and in lengths up to 6m.

    The beams have naturally weathered and silvered over time, but can be planed and sanded back to reveal the natural golden colour of the oak timber.

    Oak beams can be used as structural supports and oak trusses, or as a purely decorative feature, lending rich rustic charm to both traditional and contemporary settings.

    The oak can be also fumed, a process which darkens the timber, to complement existing decor.

    You are more than welcome to come and choose your own air dried oak beams from our factory in Yorkshire. Unfortunately, due to the size, length and weight of the beams the delivery area is restricted. If your location is some distance from us, please call us on 01535 637755 and we can advise on availability, pricing and delivery costs to your area.

    We are still able to supply fresh sawn green oak beams in addition to our air dried beams. To view our range of fresh sawn and air dried oak beams click here >>


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