Sawn Timber

Prime Grade Waney Edged Oak

measuring waney edged sawn oak

At British Hardwoods we understand how important it is to achieve low wastage factors and good cutting from Waney Edged boards, so we only stock the very best quality boules, cut from straight clean logs with narrow sap band.

ThicknessPrice Per Cubic Foot (inc VAT)
27mm (1") £36.30
34mm (1 ¼") £38.63
41mm (1 ½") £40.39
54mm (2") £44.22
65mm (2 ½") £52.78
80mm (3") £54.78
100mm (4") £67.20
120mm (5") £79.20

Brown Oak

brown oak timber

Selecting through a pack of our Brown Oak is an experience not to be missed, as each pack contains an amazing selection of Brown Oak, Streaky Tiger Oak, Pippy Brown Oak and Quarter Sawn Brown Oak. If you have a special project in mind then come along and hand pick your own unique boards. This is a two square edge product, which is often calibrated, representing excellent value for this highly unusual timber.

ThicknessPrice Per Cubic Foot (inc VAT)
27mm (1") £38.15

Quarter Sawn / Figured Oak

quarter sawn oak timber

The most stable of all cuts, these boards are available with two square edges, up to 200mm wide and are all hand selected for their figure. Once again, most of our customers enjoy further selection to find that special board to suit their particular project.

ThicknessPrice Per Cubic Foot (inc VAT)
27mm (1") £46.32

Pippy Oak (Cat's Paw Oak)

pippy oak timber

Our packs of Pippy Oak contain boards varying from light pip to heavy pip/burr, so customers usually like to turn every board right to the bottom of the pack only to walk away with the first board they picked!

ThicknessPrice Per Cubic Foot (inc VAT)
27mm (1") £49.22
27mm (1") Waney Edged £42.00
41mm (1 ½") Waney Edged £44.40

Other Hardwood Timber Species

hardwood timber species swatches

We supply and stock a range of high quality hardwood rough sawn timber cut to order. Elm and other rough sawn timbers are available on request. All our timber is stored within an acclimatised factory, giving an average moisture content between 10%. Packs are placed on individual racks, allowing instant access to the grade of your choice.

 Price Per Cubic Foot (inc VAT)
Ash £34.20 £34.80
Beech £27.60 £30.00
Black Walnut £73.20 £79.20
Cherry £37.20 £47.52
Maple £34.93 £39.60