Sawn Prime American Black Walnut (per cubic foot)

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cubic ft.
Our rough sawn timber boards are supplied in random stock widths and random stock lengths
Quick Overview

Our Rough Sawn American Black Walnut Timber is supplied by the cubic foot in full sized boards. The boards are supplied in random widths and random lengths. Due to limited stocks currently, the board widths of our 1" stocks are typically 4 inches and narrower. The board widths of our 2" stocks are also random, typically ranging from 4" to 8". The plank lengths tend to be about 3 metres, but again may vary due to stock availability.

If you require timber in specific widths or with a fully planed finish, we would recommend our planed all round walnut timber.

Please Note: It is to be expected that the sawn boards will display watermarking due to the kiln drying process. This completely natural phenomenon occurs as the water dries out from the timber. This natural surface marking, along with any stick marks, will be removed when you plane and/or sand the boards.

Guide to Cubic Foot Calculation:
An average 3m x 4" x 1" board equates to 0.273 cubic foot

Our Rough Sawn Black Walnut Timber is sourced from the very best sawmills in America. The timber is a prime grade though many contain some small knots. The wood can vary from light brown to purplish black with a creamy coloured sapwood. The boards are carefully stored in our heated and acclimatised factory giving an average moisture content of between 9-11%.

It turns, carves, mortises, nails, screws, sands and paints well. Gluing is satisfactory. It stains and polishes easily to a high finish.

Highly durable and resistant to decay.

Typical Uses
A prized cabinetmaking wood, it is also the chosen wood in the US for gunstocks and rifle butts. It is also used for quality furniture, architectural work, flooring, boat building, musical instruments, turning, carving, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, sporting goods, and umbrella handles. It is sliced for decorative veneers and is an important wood for making plywood. The tree also produces edible nuts.

Interesting Facts
Grows: Canada and USA.
Typical height: 70-90 ft (21-27m)
Trunk diameter: 2-4 ft (0.6-1.2m)
Specific gravity: 0.64
Typical dry weight: 40 lb/ft3 (640kg/m3)

Additional Information
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Country of Origin USA
Manufacturer British Hardwoods
Timber Species American Black Walnut
Timber Grade Prime
Moisture Content Kiln Dried to 9-11% Moisture
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